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The 27th of May is declared International Marketing Day

The 27th of May is declared International Marketing Day

The European Marketing Confederation (EMC) has unanimously decided to designate the 27th of May as the International Day of Marketing. The day aims to highlight the importance of marketing in business and society and to promote pride in the marketing profession. The day is a celebration of marketing in a loud and bright way, welcoming members of the marketing community, colleagues, and partners around the world.

"The evolution of marketing around the world has been an impressive journey, with many changes. Marketers have helped many new organizations to emerge and enabled change in old companies with centuries of history. They have changed societal attitudes and helped people to communicate and find compromises. Today, in the context of digital transformation, we can explore our environment more than ever, analyze consumer and customer needs in real-time, and build relationships, the importance of marketing people is paramount. Let's recognize and appreciate this as we celebrate marketing on 27th of May", says Ralf Strauss, Chairman of the Board of EMC.

According to Ralf Strauss, the 27th of May was chosen as the day to celebrate the marketing community because it was on this day in Chicago in 1931 that Philip Kotler was born - an American professor, a renowned marketing practitioner, and theoretician who has written more than 80 books and has had a huge impact on the development of marketing worldwide.

Establishment of the Award for Merit in Marketing

"The Board of the European Marketing Confederation has also decided to recognize a person of outstanding merit in the field of marketing each year on this day. This year, the first recipient of the award was Ph. Kotler", says Alvydė Palaimaitė, Director of LiMA.

The award ceremony will take place on the 25th of May. The award will be presented at the LiMA CMO Summit in Vilnius on the 25th of May, at the Lithuanian Marketing Association's marketing leaders’ conference.

Invites you to commemorate and celebrate in every country

The initiators invite the international marketing community to get actively involved in creating national events and other initiatives on marketing, and to promote International Marketing Day in their communities and social spaces.

It is hoped that International Marketing Day will be as successful as International Teachers' Day, Medical Workers' Day, World Press Freedom Day or Boss's Day, which are celebrated around the world.

European Marketing Confederation (EMC) E:
P: +00 32 2 7421 780 

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