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April 2021
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Industrial Gender Committee on Advertising

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-> Industrial Gender Committee on Advertising

Research in online violence against women candidates for the post of President of Ukraine

The study of online violence against women candidates for the presidency of Ukraine is implemented by the Ukrainian Marketing Association, NGO in the framework of Responsible and Accountable Policy in Ukraine and Strengthening Legislative and Election Processes by Enhancing Public Participation and Technical Assistance, which are carried out by the International Foundation Electoral Systems (IFES) with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and British assistance from the UK government. The study of factors of violence against women in the electoral process (VAWE) is carried out in different countries of the world, in particular in the USA, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Afghanistan and Libya, and is an integral part of IFES’s activities aimed at women's ability to participate in political and electoral processes.

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